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      Cargo elevator

      Superior performance · Load bearing
      Safe and reliable, leveling accuracy: The elevator adopts variable frequency variable voltage speed regulation and pulse signal control mode to effectively improve the accuracy of the elevator leveling. The maximum door opening design ensures smooth and flexible cargo access to and from the car.
      Reliable performance, energy saving and environmental protection: The support of VVVF technology makes the movement and braking of the cargo elevators very stable. Compared with ordinary AC two-speed control, vector control can save energy by 30%, effectively reduce energy consumption and achieve energy saving and environmental protection.
      The load is reliable and the function is strong: the car frame and the car bottom of the freight elevator fully consider all kinds of cargo characteristics, with large space, strong bearing capacity and good practicability. The maximum load capacity reaches 5000KG, which is suitable for various large tonnage cargo transportation. Make the elevator work more efficient.

      Car top series

      Hall door series